because 2 weeks is long enough.

Of course, when you do as much in 2 weeks as I’ve somehow managed to do in *this* 2 weeks, yeah… it’s long enough with no updates. Let’s see… where best to start. Vell, I could always start with the usual, easy routine of what had me so busy that I couldn’t post to the thing. but… well, that’d take up all of about a sentence. ‘Cuz, well, when the highlight of your little bit of time away is getting absolutely soked beyond all repair at the ex, there’s not that much of an essay to be written about it. Not that it wasn’t still fun–anything that results in making Trish’s poor husband nearly lose it is entertainment for me. I’m sorry, was that… um, too mean? Ah well, whatcha gonna do? I’m gonna… well, I guess I’m gonna sit here at my desk and wait for a call. That’s what I’m gonna do. And… curse the people for whom I work for stiffing me on a computer. Y’see, I took one of these, customised the absolute hell out of it, threw in a few fancy toys just so I have something to do when I’m bored, and had it shipped to my apartment. Where it promptly wouldn’t turn on. I figured it’d be the mobo or power supply, but… eh, I got the max on warranty, so I was gonna use it to the fullest. fortunately mister probably outsourced technician from India agreed with me, so it got set up for a return real fast. And will be returned in… about… um… oh, 5-10 days. Not that it bothers me all that much; everything else works. It’s currently sitting in my room right now, hooked up to my ever faithful but still slowly dying laptop. Which makes it sound a whole hell of a lot meaner than it actually is. Not that it wasn’t mean when I got it… but… eh, that was like 3-4 years ago. It’s a kitten now, in comparison to the potential monsterness of some fo today’s systems. and the monsterness of the one currently, um, not working. Stupid computers. If it wasn’t for the fact their breaking keeps me employed… okay, I’m over it. And now back to our regularly scheduled taking of calls. Which… just for the record, I haven’t actually done since I got off lunch. Granted that was 10 minutes ago. But still. When I get home, and if I don’t forget, I have politically motivated pictures to display. And a picture that should have been a bit more threatening than it actually is. Not that I’d know anything about picture quality–I’m going by the opinion of the girl holding the camera. Surprisingly, I’ll trust her opinion on a lot of things before most people’s. Setting myself up for difficulties? We shall see. Granted she *is* family, but so far… she and I are proving to be exceptions to the family rule. In just about every category. They hate it. I love it. It’s all good. And… that’s why they hardly call me. But, y’know, you don’t hear me complaining about that one. If you ever do, please shoot me.

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