I are here.

Only got in about 20 minutes to 11 or so. Surprisingly, the weekend did not involve someone contemplating the possibility of pounding someone else’s face to a fine paste. Not a whole lot was really done though… visited with the grandparents and certain relatives, took mom out for breakfast for mommy’s day, and just generally forgot I was employed for a couple days. Oh, yeah, and finally tossed tax crap in the mail. The CRA can sort it out themselves and call me for a change. And now, sorting out email, having a real quick read over the flist and wondering exactly how much longer I’ll be staying awake tonight. Maybe if I don’t bother going to sleep until insane late I can sorta delay the start of the week. That’s how it works, isn’t it?

PS: almadefortitude, remind me at some point later on. I owe you a picture. I have said picture.

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