*wakes up, sorta*

It’s sunday. I’ve been up for a grand total of half an hour. I should be awake. I’m not. I blame weekend mode. I was surprisingly active, though, for weekend mode the last couple days. Friday not a whole hell of a lot went on, except I got confirmation that the next week at work’s gonna be hella short. And I do mean hella short. I go in to take calls for monday, tuesday, wednesday, and… an hour and a half on thursday. Yay for extra vacation time I’ve not used up yet. They pay me for the whole day on thursday, and I’m done with the actual work part of the day at noon. Then I stick around for some “thankd for coming out” lunch or something, and call it a day. I go in for all of like 15 minutes on friday (anyone local wanna drive me, so I’m not spending 3 hours with OC Transpo for the sake of 15 minutes?) to turn in my badge and headset, and then that’s it for me and work. Then I start beating on some of the doors I’ve already knocked on for applications. I’ve thought about tossing in an application for Algonquin College and their IT department. Mostly because I could probably walk it in like 5-10 minutes. Still considering, and may end up actually doing at some not to distant point. So that’s my mind in a nutshell this weekend. I thought I could make it look a bit more interesting, but I got nothin’. So I go wake up.

PS: Sheyrena, want a $300 laptop that should be well over $1000? They’re selling shit off on thursday.

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    • Awe. even more depressingly, it comes sans OS. I want one too but, for the moment, I can probably equal your poorness. People wanting money before I get my hands on it suck.

      • I might be able to talk my father into buying it, since I know he’s been considering getting me a new laptop in time for September, but it’s iffy. If yes, though, I’ll come get the logistics details off you before Thursday.

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