I’ve been up for like half an hour. I don’t leave for another 2 hours or so. How the hell? On the bright side, I don’t need to take 5 minutes to throw me together. On the not so bright side, if this was yesterday, as evidenced by the fact I did exact thing yesterday, I’d of ended up oversleeping. My sleep patern eludes me.

I take calls for a grand total of an hour and a half this morning. That’s it. As in, that’s it, permanently. And then it’s James is unemployed and officially on vacation. Except for 15 minutes wherein I’m at the office tomorrow, I do absolutely nothing related in any way, shape or form to my no longer job. And I’m probably not gonna get all that used to that. Ah well. I don’t have to get used to it; I just have to enjoy the sleeping in. And I fully intend to. Just as soon as I get through today’s organized chaos.


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