Urg. Again.

I even tried going to bed relatively early last night. And I still ended up waking up at quarter to 8 this morning. Granted I still got here on time, but y’know, it’d be nice to go back to being able to do that and still have more than 30 seconds to get to work. Bright side: I wasn’t late. Not so bright side: I probably should have been. Ah well, I’m here, it’s um, trying hard to be dead as a fucking doornail, and it’s wednesday. Can’t complain over here. Two more days to teh weekendz! And, and, and, 9 more days ’til teh vacationz! Okay, this oversleeping nonsense isn’t such a problem now. I get to be lazy in 2 weeks. Back to waiting for a call or 2… dammit, why can’t I IM from work?


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