Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule? I have no sleep schedule.

From the “that didn’t take long” department, my newly re-screwed-up routine. And it only took about 2 or 3 days after the departure of the girlfriend–er, oops, I mean fiance. Personal record for me, I think. Further proof I’m a goner schedule-wise? I was in the middle of reading something yesterday afternoon, and next thing I know it’s 4:00 this morning. Naturally, I’m all sleeped out at this point, so I’m up and mobile. At 4:00 this morning. Did I mention I’m not supposed to be an early morning person? On the bright side, I did have a couple things I needed to get done today so at least I haven’t reached the level of screwed up in which I wake up at 6:00 PM. But, really, 4? AM? Really? Yeah, clearly I have no sleep schedule. This is not cool.

  1. Definitely not cool. I lived like that for a while and it was messy and just didn’t feel good in the long run. Be firm with yourself and go to bed at about the same time every night and set the alarm for a certain time every morning. You can do it!!

    1. Actually, though I’ll almost never say no to advice, if I had my way I’d have a job who’s shift starts at or around dark thirty. Well, more appropriately if I had my way I’d have a job, but y’know. I’ve kept this kind of odd routine off and on since college. Actually had a job that encouraged it for about a year. I’ll probably float around to a more normal schedule eventually. And yes, by normal I mean whatever schedule keeps me relatively awake enough, without coffee, to handle whatever new waking routine I end up in. Assuming such a creature still exists these days.

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