Uh, huh?

I just got an education from this guy who’s computer I’m suspecting isn’t broken but he wants it looked at anyway. Apparently there’s a highway being built from Mexico city, up through Texas, and all the way to Canada. And apparently it’s all gonna be one country. It’s coming, don’t ya know. Because, you know, […]


So I ended up crawling out of bed at about 7:30. No big thing. Threw lunch together and got here in plenty of time to be half an hour late. I will, undoubtedly, make it up at some point this week. I did learn what time I have to be here though for the returning […]


On the bright side, I can’t say it’s exactly been busy today. On the other hand… see subject line. Since I still can’t put the call I just got off of into words, I’m just gonna say this. It would take a hell of a lot less time to fix your computer if you’d stop […]