An almost semi-productive morning.

Welp, that’s it. I went in at 10:30 for my last day of work. I walked outa there at noon. Of course,the actual shift was supposed to start at 8:30, but that’s what having 2 free hours of vacation gets you. So I hoofed it there and back and officially spent more time getting to and from than actually working. And now it’s all over but the getting paid and signing paperwork that says I officially don’t work there anymore and am therefore not allowed to go telling HP all Dell’s secrets. Breaks my heart, too. But only in the sense that I’ll never know if they actually believe me or not. Got home at about 10 minutes past 2, and have been pretty much being lazy ever since. I was, though, reminded exactly how long it takes getting home when it’s not rush hour. And good lord I’m glad I didn’t have to do *that* very often.

And as if my usual work week wasn’t eventful enough in its own right, on the way home the interesting happened. One very polite, but very irritating gentleman decided, for reasons still unknown to me, that in order to show me where the bus stop is for my soon to be missed ride (I was catching it at a stop I don’t usually catch it at; goes back to that whole not being rush hour thing), he’d take the end of my cane I *wasn’t* holding on to. So after eventually getting that sorted out and trying very hard to resist the urge to break it over his head (I succeeded, by the way), we actually managed to find my stop. And then it was home sweet home, where I promptly ran screaming (not really) inside and out of the heat, cracked open a coke, and um, am here. Where I don’t have to leave again until tomorrow. Shweet.

The next couple days are gonna be easy-ish. Spend 3 hours or so getting to and from the office, spend 15 minutes handing over my badge and headset (why they want my headset, too, is beyond me but they can have it), and then do nothing until saturday. At which point the mother thing’s threatening to drop by, so god only knows where that day’s gonna go. Hmm, maybe I can borrow her vehicle and smack some Canadian Tire lacky upside the head with the little air conditioner that couldn’t. Or maybe I’ll just take full advantage of day 1 of the very long weekend. Yeah, that sounds better.

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