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It’s amazing what 5 minutes in trafic can do to your time table.

Usually, which translates to like… 2 or 3 days so far, I manage to actually catch my connecting bus to get me the rest of the way home from work at 5:00 or so. I think I mentioned it takes me 2 buses to get me there and back. Ah well, if I didn’t, I have now. Today, though, thanks largely to Ottawa’s rush hour trafic, I missed that bus by about 2 minutes. Now, ordinarily I wouldn’t give a rip–the next bus pulls up in 15 minutes–but, *that* bus is apparently the one driven by our apparent newbie. This time, though, he actually didn’t miss the stop I need… but only because it was pointed out to him rather blatantly by another passenger as we were coming up to it. I still say this guy is either new or stupid, or both, but I’m again digressing. That aside, though, this time I actually didn’t have to drive an extra 40 minutes, meaning I actually got through the door before 6 tonight. Just barely, but can’t have everything. I suspect that’s going to be an every Tuesday thing, what with the trafic and all… God I hope not, though. I really don’t want to have to curse out the transit system again. And to jump the track a little, I may only be 1 person, but after working a 9 hour shift, I still *really* don’t want to come home and do dishes. Nor do I want to watch my team get their ass kicked, but the game’s on, so I may as well go and do that.

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