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  • This post brought to you by the number (redacted for copyright).


    Call it a bug, an oversight, or someone just having a really freaking bad programming day. Whatever you call it, somebody at Google screwed up in a very weird, but also very hilarious, way. I’m not sure if it’s been fixed since, but you can apparently trigger a copyright violation … Read the rest

  • Bureaucracy kills, at least on paper.


    If it wasn’t for our government, I don’t know if I’d have nearly as much material on here as I do. That, of course, does not excuse the several months I tend to go before I put material on here, but you know. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has something … Read the rest

  • Loose Rail transit

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    It gets cold in Canada. Particularly if you’re living in Ottawa. In January/February, it gets extremely cold in Canada. I’ll admit to not being an expert, but you’d think someone might want to tell the experts. Saturday’s service outage on the Confederation Line was caused by a clamp on … Read the rest

  • The government really did not think this through. … Or they did, and that’s the problem.

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    So we’re under a new Covid thing again. That thing, because otherwise Covid will bore the hell out of me, shall be known when I write about it as om-nom-nomicron. Naturally this means we’re also under a new Covid benefit again. I say “under” rather than “entitled to” because, well, … Read the rest

  • Attention all disabled people. You officially oppose net neutrality. Thank you, Verizon.

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    So stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You walk into a place, $guy you don’t really know proceeds to play twenty questions with you. Then, when it comes time for you to get yourself some service, $guy figures it’s his turn to speak up on your behalf. Now, … Read the rest

  • And sometimes, law enforcement is an ass.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a one of these. So clearly, somebody somewhere’s due, right? Right. IT’s time to pick on a combination of the US education system and US law enforcement again. Pennsylvania’s probably an awesome place to visit. Hell, it might even be a moderately decent … Read the rest

  • WTN v 2.0, now with less breakage.

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    So there is news on the personal front that I’ll get to eventually. But at the moment, I’m up to my eyeballs in geek. The simple explanation why is actually to Google’s credit. The site fell victim to an apparent run-in with a significantly tricky spot of malware. It came … Read the rest

  • The day kindness stopped being politically correct. Or: What are you smoking, Calgary?

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    We’re heading for another winter that’s supposed to suck, according to folks, in a few ways. So it seems vaguely appropriate that this happened at the end of last winter, which also ended up sucking in a few ways. A Calgary school bus driver ended up running into a problem … Read the rest

  • I’m… too ‘Sexy’ for my name.


    People who decide they absolutely despise their given ame aren’t exactly uncommon. Hell, people who decide to do something about it are equally not entirely all that uncommon. But some of the choices folks will come up with kind of makes you wish it were. Take Sheila, for instance. She … Read the rest

  • Once more with feeling: Default passwords are bad. Not kidding.

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    If you’ve been reading this thing for any amount of time, you’ll probably notice I tend to come up with all manner of very strongly worded opinions. Particularly in the neighbourhood of geek things. Like, for instance, when it comes to folks who set up a piece of hardware–like, say, … Read the rest

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