Well, that was semi-fun.

I don’t think I’ve stayed up quite so late while at my parents’ place in, like, forever. As expected I did, in fact, survive the experimental way of getting home, as much as the mother thing will now go about the business of denying she got lost at least twice in the process. Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot was really done. We did finally end up watching Untraceable (2008), which if you haven’t seen yet I feel very, very sorry for you, and Rendition (2007), which I’d feel sorry for you if you *had* seen. Mommy dearest also, finally and only after my father saying he’d like to actually see the movie, was convinced to buy I am Legend (2007). I am win at media education. And now, because it’s 5 minutes to 4, we still have people I need to visit tomorrow, plus I need to haull ass back home at some point, I am going to be win at going to bed now. That 9:00 wake-up call I was planning may suck a little.

PS: phone is no longer dying. Because I know you were just dying to find out.

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