And an update, because I said so.

Well, that, plus it’s about 20 minutes before go time, and I know certain people are too damn lazy to click on links I post here, so an actual explanation is probably in order. The office I’m currently working at, y’know the one for Dell, not gonna be workin’ there no more. Not after about June 27th anyway, as they’ve decided to shut the place down after then. So last night was spent largely overhaulling a resume I hadn’t touched since I got the job in late 2006. And by late 2006, yes, I do mean practically 2007. I’ve also been sort of stacking up job applications, so when my occasionally OCD brain decides that yes, my resume is in fact good enough to be fired off at these people, it will be fired off in about 20 or so different directions. And that’s just the applications I found on about 10 minutes of looking; according to murlynns_view, there’s a handful more on a site I’ve yet to start snooping around on. As can probably be expected, that malfunction will be corrected. Today. As for right now though, my plan is simple. Leave someone a quick IM, then haull ass out the door like it’s nobody’s business. Because I do that kinda thing.

Edit: Apparently my plan also consists of getting the mother thing off the phone. Her timing, to put it as politely as possible for me, fucking sucks. And now I go.

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