James 0, life 2.

List format, because I’m lazy and everyone’s heard me curse enough on this thing this month.
  • Fired off an application for Convergys on Monday evening.
  • Called back on Tuesday (unusual, given it’s rememberence day), right at the ass crack of 9:00. Gave the usual I are blindy shpeel.
  • Was supposed to hear back from them tuesday afternoon regarding screenreaders and such, didn’t happen. Craptastic.
  • Fired off a couple more applications while waiting. They haven’t so much as said thanks yet.
  • Convergys finally called back. No go on the screenreader. Thanks for coming out.
  • Phoned in another application, emailed them my resume, and actually got an email in return; it was an automated form letter, but I’ll take it.
  • Oh yeah, and Greyhound refused to do, like, anything I want all week. Figures.
  • Dear life: fuck you.
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