It’s the pre-departure oh my God drive me crazy writeoff monday mental checklist.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Try saying that 3 times fast. While you do that, I’ll be busy very quickly disposing of a departure Monday. This is more of a “God please don’t let me […]

Thanksgiving in a paragraph, or maybe two.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. It isn’t very often the whole group of us gets together for a dinner or anything like that, so when it happens it tends to get all kinds of interesting. […]

General updatey goodness, this time from Ottawa! Yay!

Still managed to update in less than a week; something funky must be going on. Last week was pretty uneventful, after my last update with actual substance. Jessica (samari76) has a pretty full schedule, that being primarily work and class, so not a whole hell of a lot was really done short of taking advantage […]

And now an actual update. Yay substance!

Not that a whole lot really went on since the last time I posted something that wasn’t a link, but y’know. Jessica (samari76) and I are still finding plenty of ways to have all kinds of good times over here. Tuesday it involved a tiny little sellebration here at home of her last test result […]

Things that must be done pre-road trip, in no particular order.

And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get around to actually doing said things. Toss laundry in the machine Go through stuff I haven’t unpacked yet from the trip to the parentals’ Unpack anything I might need, and pack it with the road trip stuff Wash anything I forgot I didn’t wash before coming back here […]

At the end of the day, Greyhound only mildly pisses me off.

After Wednesday’s rather lengthy song and dance that got me absofuckinglutely nowhere that would be considered anywhere near productive, I pretty much prepared myself this morning for an impressive round or two of fisticuffs over the whole bus ticket incident. But when I got to the station, for the first time *evar*, there was actually […]

My one and only bief with Greyhound. Bitching and moaning ahead.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not to do with accessibility. It may or may not have anything to do specificly with customer service. But it’s largely to do with their technological issues, of which they have a shitload. One that’s been hanging around on the long term since at the very least my first attempt at getting […]

Things I learned that manage to surprise me.

In list format, because lazy is me. Microsoft can, in fact, make a program that doesn’t die horribly when you try to add something extra to it. They just don’t do it very often. Clearly, some people’s definition of accessibility is far different from mine. This is why we have issues, folks. I have incredible […]

Weekend in review, and go time.

It’s official, I can has lazy. But I still managed to complete 2/3 of my Christmas shopping on Saturday. So far, I’ve gotten things formom, dad, the brotherling, and half of Jessica’s (lj user=”samari76″>) gift. The other half I’ll be getting when I come back from her place next week. Sunday was pretty well spent […]

Week and weekend in review, and I still can has no works.

Well, as hinted at in my last post, I returned back to Ottawa on Monday and dropped Jessica (samari76) off at the bus station, after a hell of an awesome weekend. She came up to cellebrate the thanks giving weekend with me and the family, and we all seemed to rather enjoy ourselves. Mom’s dinner […]

I are not deaded!

Contrary to popular belief I still check on this thing (I’ve even been dropping comments!). There’s just not been any actual content dumped in here in a small age. Really, up until recently there’s not been a whole lot of shtuff to remark on. I finished up my trip to Jesica’s (samari76) by us ordering […]