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It’s the pre-departure oh my God drive me crazy writeoff monday mental checklist.

Try saying that 3 times fast. While you do that, I’ll be busy very quickly disposing of a departure Monday. This is more of a “God please don’t let me forget something” exercise primarily for me, but if you’re curious just how dead my Monday is, here’s a hint. I leave in an hour and don’t stop ’til Tuesday. Between now and then, I have a shitload of things to accomplish. In no particular order, I need to:
  • Finish packing things I’ll need to carry with me, IE: foodstuffs
  • Yank my phone off the charger, pocket phone, pack charger
  • Put together the package I’ll be shipping off on my way out of here
  • Hand mother relevant info re: packages to be expected in within the week that will also be shipped out while I’m not here
  • Drop into UPS/Purolator, fire the offending package across the border
  • Stop somewhere to grab something to take with me for supper
  • Also optionally grab lunch
  • Confirm the presence of the card I need to secure my bus ticket
  • Probably, misplace that card at least once–it’s not a complete trip without it
  • Run past the bank, deposit a money order
  • Take out US cash
  • Pray to God I have enough Canadian cash left over after the taking of US cash to shovel into my mother’s gas tank
  • If we’re not pressed, and we shouldn’t be, drop in for a haircut and an excuse to sit on something that isn’t moving umpteen miles an hour
  • Get in to the station in just enough time to grab my ticket and run
  • Barely make the bus–hi, Ottawa lunch hour traffick, nice to not see you
  • Breathe

Okay, I’ve had a full day just looking at this. Now to actually go do it. Catch you all in Rochester, unless I’m bored. Then it’s roadmail posting. Behave. Or, if you absolutely must avoid behaving, go hang out with these two for the day. Probably enough mockery between them to make up for my absense. If not, I have enough saved. Catch you tomorrow!

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