A real quick update, in list format.

Because I’ve got a grand total of 10 minutes.

  • It may just be me, and the fact my tolerence for pain of various types being insanely high, but the suicide wings from Local Heroes didn’t really have a whole lot to them. Not that the people from work I went with would agree with me.
  • I’ve discovered why it is my two microphones don’t like this computer. There’s an issue somewhere between sound card and OS. I suspect strongly the sound card is to blame. Dell will be receiving a phone call.
  • Dell *did* receive a phone call earlier, but now Bell Canada has graduated from randomly kicking me off the internets to apparently randomly disconnecting me during phone calls, and not allowing me to call out for extended periods. And since I only had half an hour to twist a technician’s arm into replacing my sound card, I shall have to take another crack at it tonight. Technology sucks.
  • It’s the middle of freaking May. And we’re getting a potential frost warning. I see a problem here. Do you?

And now, I go to work. This batch of randomness brought to you by too goddamn early.

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