My week so far, in list format.

Because I’m lazy as hell. Well, and there’s not all that much here; it’s only wednesday. Gimme a break.

  • Monday was pretty much hell on earth so far as work went. First time in like a month we were actually busy to the insane.
  • Didn’t get a whole lot of applying for jobs done. I’d actually have to have a second to breathe first.
  • Poked around a little after I got home, but there was nothing that caught my interest anyway. So applications still didn’t get filed.
  • It wasn’t quite so busy yesterday. Back to what it’s been for the last bit… so I actually had time to get caught up on things I couldn’t do Monday.
  • Came home, watched a bit of TV, fell into bed.
  • Tried to delay waking up, cursed the invention of the work week, and am now being lazy as hell writing an entry in list format.

I lead such an interesting little life, don’t I?

Oh, and random PS: A coworker introduced me to Ikariam, a kinda medieval strategy game of sorts. I don’t usually bother with games like this, but it killed time while at work yesterday so eh. There’s a fair amount of waiting for things to complete involved, but then… some would say it’s kinda like trying to get a hold of me. I take that as a complement, thankyaverymuch. And now, because sadly the work week isn’t about to pack up and go away just because I’m asking it nicely to do so, I go throw something together for lunch. And then drag my ass ’til 6:30. Anyone want a tech support job for a month? It pays well…

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