Random thought happenings, in list format.

  • Still way too damn cold for this time of year out there. Winter go die in a fire.
  • Tried getting a hold of the tax people this morning. It was busy. Go figure. I shall have to harass them throughout the day.
  • Someone on my flist was surprised I actually have an opinion on, like, *everything*. They, obviously, don’t read my randomness. Their loss.
  • Note to people driving the 160 into Kanada. If you ever get *that* close to me again, you had better be female. And sexy. That one will not be elabourated on. Cope.
  • I forgot how tedius applying for jobs actually is. I think I’m gonna start seeing coming to work as a break from looking for work.

And a little something not list-worthy but still worthy of mention. I’ve given serious thought, as in nearly filled out the application, to just hooking up with a temp agency and seeing what they can find for me starting, say, July-ish. I’ve gotten a couple different recommendations for if I wanted to go that route, a few of them from murlynns_view, and figure y’know, since I’ve got as much a chance through them as applying direct to companies, it’s worth some consideration. And so, I consider. Opinions are welcome. Hell, I can’t be the only person with a thing or 3 to say.

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