Randomness, in ye old list format.

  • The calendar says it’s friday. James disagrees. It will not be friday until the conclusion of the work day (87 minutes, baby!).
  • It’s supposed to be fucking gorgious this weekend. high teens, early 20’s (fahrenheit, you american wusses, relax. :P). Perfect for doing all manner of weekend style hell raising. Will it happen? … No damn clue.
  • Some chick continuously walks past my desk almost daily at often the exact same time and insists on saying hello to me, even when I’m on a call. I have no clue who she is. And very little interest in finding out. Lemme know when you wanna have a conversation, hun, kthx.

4 responses to “Randomness, in ye old list format.”

  1. Aww! She’s got the hots for you. Next time she walks by, ask her for a date. Hehehehehehehe!
    It is friday now that my day has ended.

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