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  • Dear temp agency. My status is confused.

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    I finally got a chance to sit down this morning and check my email, after making several dozen laps outside with the dogs–sometimes, house sitting’s quite inconvenient. When I opened my email this morning, a nifty little gift was sitting there waiting for me. In the form of an email … Read the rest

  • Not a meme, but an update.

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    I know Shon (thecrazykiwi) tagged me for some meme-type thinggy earlier, but to be blatantly honest, I don’t even post consecutively in 8-day strings so it’s just not getting done. that having been said, the day was not completely devoid of win. I got up this afternoon (yes, … Read the rest

  • Dear job market: you need to fuck off now.

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    On the bright side, I wasn’t left chasing this chick for upwards of a month like I have been other times. On the not so bright side, though… Good Afternoon, Unfortunately we have just received word that our client has filled the allotted unilingual English opportunities with them and will … Read the rest

  • I’ve graduated!

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    Well, sort of. Y’see, I’m slowly beginning my exit from the coughy mchackencough school of hell, and instead I’ve enrolled in sniffle mcsneezy university. What 2 days ago was a semi-irritating chest thing is apparently morphing into a wicked evil head cold of d00m. Same thing happened with the motherling, … Read the rest

  • uuuuuggggg, motherling made me siiiiiick.

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    Energy is at a premium right now, so this will be a short one. The interview went relatively well. They’d already filled one of the positions they were hiring for (figures it’d be the one that pays more), but I was able to stick my name on the list for … Read the rest

  • Either I am good, or I am still unemployed.

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    I should know within the week…ish, if all goes according to plan. I applied for a position advertised by Adecco, another local temp agency in these here parts, at about the end of last week. I’ve been in almost constant contact with them since Monday about that and one … Read the rest

  • I… might… be employed.

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    As I sort of hinted at earlier this week, I wound up with an interview scheduled for this past Wednesday. Which, actually, was rather convenient since that was my planned return home date anyway. Mom had a doctor’s appointment that morning, though apparently on a whim she decided it’d … Read the rest

  • So this blind dood goes and gets an interview…

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    Hello, I would like to set up an interview with you to further discuss employment with CAA. I am holding Interviews on Wednesday February 11 and Thursday February 12. Interviews will be between 09:00-1:00, Please let me know what time from works best for you and I will confirm an … Read the rest

  • Reason why I am win, number 9542691.

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    We packed up and headed in to Ottawa on Monday as planned, for the interview. It lasted a whole… 20, maybe 25 minutes. They basicly had me tell them exactly what I did for my time with Dell, how much I made, and how much I’d be willing to work … Read the rest

  • And I didn’t have to do anything.


    Hi James; Thank you for forwarding your resume. Can we meet next Monday at 8:30am, or 3:30pm? Uh, can we say hell yes? So, where I only thought I was going back to Ottawa, I now officially *am* going back to Ottawa. Probably Monday. And probably until Friday-ish. Or something. … Read the rest

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