Dear temp agency. My status is confused.

I finally got a chance to sit down this morning and check my email, after making several dozen laps outside with the dogs–sometimes, house sitting’s quite inconvenient. When I opened my email this morning, a nifty little gift was sitting there waiting for me. In the form of an email from the People Bank, one of the temp agencies I threw an application in with in the early stages of last year. I initially thought it might be a long awaited job opportunity. Or another interview. Or something of that kind of goodness. It would, after all, be the first such opportunity any of those agencies actually contacted me with in, like, ever. Nope, guess again. It was an email asking me if I was still looking for work, still busily unemployed, and still wofully unskilled for any of their 6 degree required positions. Naturally, I am in all 3 categories. So I told them as much.

But now, I just have one small, minor little question. I applied with this particular company in, I believe, February or March of last year–possibly a little earlier. They hadn’t contacted me with anything more than an introductory interview in that time. A year plus later, and I get a standard “Are you still available?” form letter. Meanwhile, at least three jobs have probably passed through that company that I could easily do in my sleep. Their reasoning? They want a current resume. Why? To upgrade my skills. Um. My skills, and resume, haven’t changed. So, um, what?
I like the concept behind temp agencies. But, I’m learning, the actual interactions with temp agencies? I could probably do without.

Not a meme, but an update.

I know Shon (thecrazykiwi) tagged me for some meme-type thinggy earlier, but to be blatantly honest, I don’t even post consecutively in 8-day strings so it’s just not getting done. that having been said, the day was not completely devoid of win. I got up this afternoon (yes, I slept until late afternoon. Sue me.), and found this email in my mailbox.

Hi James,

Please call me when you are available and we can schedule an interview.

Best regards,


So, as soon as I can get this chicky to actually answer her phone, I’ll schedule my interview for this coming Tuesday (it’s when my wheels will actually be able to be my wheels). So to answer the unasked question of at least one person as to why I would dare to be so ungreatful/insensitive/whatever as to not change my return date so I might be able to stay in rochester longer (someone actually tried giving me that lecture before I left), that’s why. Get over it, and yourself, plz. Kthx.

The interview is for a temp agency that Trish actually dropped my name in for reference purposes with a couple days after I fled the country. I’ve been trying to get a steady line of communication going with them since then, and they just now managed to respond to my email. tomorrow means phone calls, scheduling, and hopefully, god willing, employment. Or at least another door to open. Oh yes, and putting my foot in the asses of certain nosey people whom I barely know and who should, for that and other reasons, stay the hell out of my business. But that’s for a whole other rant when I actually feel like ranting.

Dear job market: you need to fuck off now.

On the bright side, I wasn’t left chasing this chick for upwards of a month like I have been other times. On the not so bright side, though…

Good Afternoon,

Unfortunately we have just received word that our client has filled the allotted unilingual English opportunities with them and will only be considering bilingual French and English or unilingual French candidates going forward.

Any candidates who have already been interviewed with Bell will still be in consideration however those who are pending resume review or interviews with our office will not be able to be considered further.

You will remain in our pool of qualified technical representatives and we will continue to consider you for future opportunities with our other clients.

Please keep an eye on our website; for future opportunities and be sure to check JobBank, Workopolis and Monster and to apply with other agencies as well.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Well, I guess that just leaves me with only one option. Who on that side of the border wants to put up with me for a couple weeks?

I’ve graduated!

Well, sort of. Y’see, I’m slowly beginning my exit from the coughy mchackencough school of hell, and instead I’ve enrolled in sniffle mcsneezy university. What 2 days ago was a semi-irritating chest thing is apparently morphing into a wicked evil head cold of d00m. Same thing happened with the motherling, which only confirms whatever this thing is was obtained either directly from or at the same time as her. Fortunately, this phase of whatever it is I got stuck with waited until now to show itself, as opposed to Thursday, so I didn’t need to go into the interview with a pocket full of tissues and a constant appology. Also in slightly bright-side-ish news, I usually kill colds relatively quickly. So whatever it is that’s making the rounds probably has another day or two at most. Which is just awesome, because while it’s not the cold itself that usually bothers me, it’s being restricted to remain near a source of tissue of some variety that does. I don’t often wind up sick with anything, but when I do, it’s usually one hell of a knockout punch. I think I’ve managed the worst of it though. Now if we can just convince the rest of it to get the hell out of me a little tiny bit faster, I’ll be absolutely extatic.

And, in unrelated news, because this entry can’t *all* be whining about the fact I have become sniffle mcsneezy, I’ve heard absolutely nothing thus far regarding said interview. I was supposed to hear something by end of day yesterday, but that didn’t end up happening. Figure I’ll give them a little bit more time, and if I hear nothing still, there will be a bus ticket purchased, and a girlfriend paid long overdue attention to. As for right now, though? I believe I need a coke.

uuuuuggggg, motherling made me siiiiiick.

Energy is at a premium right now, so this will be a short one. The interview went relatively well. They’d already filled one of the positions they were hiring for (figures it’d be the one that pays more), but I was able to stick my name on the list for the second. Yes, it’s downtown and pays a little less, and yes it’s for the *other* evil empire, but… eh. It’s a paycheck that doesn’t come from the government. *And* it’s a permanent position (not bad for a temp agency). Which means said paycheck doesn’t necessarily have a time limit. I’d of just liked to get my foot in the door with the other one at the same time. Ah well, can’t have everything. But I can sure whine about not having everything.

My trip to Pembroke didn’t leave me completely emptyhanded, though. I came back with some kind of congesty coughy hacky thing. Mom and I both ended up with it, though we haven’t a clue where from (I blame her just on basic principle). I’m hoping I’m over it in the next couple days, though. I’d hate for a possible interview next week to be slightly made a tad more irritating than it needs to be by this damn thing. It’s kicking mom’s ass pretty good though. After dropping me off here post-interview, she headed it up back home. Where she promptly passed out on the coutch. She called me at a bit after 5 or so… or maybe it was 6… eh, one of those, anyway. And, I imagine, she probably went back to sleep not long after that. Which is what certain individuals say I should do, but… eh. I’m home now. Back to the keeping of odd hours. Plus, I’m kind of expecting groceries to come knocking. Even if they are about half an hour past when they were supposed to be here. So instead, I shall go attempt to find my lung. I think I left it in the bedroom…

Either I am good, or I am still unemployed.

I should know within the week…ish, if all goes according to plan. I applied for a position advertised by Adecco, another local temp agency in these here parts, at about the end of last week. I’ve been in almost constant contact with them since Monday about that and one other position they think, based on my resume, I just might qualify for. And, after a lot of back and forth over the phoneand through email, I now officially have yet another interview with yet another temp agency tomorrow morning. Both jobs I’m up for consideration for will be covered in the interview, seeing as they’re both fairly identical with the exception that one’s doing IT support for employees of a company, whereas the other’s putting me back in a position more similar to my days working for Dell. They both pay roughly the same base rate as well, so it ends up working out in the long run regardless which job I end up landing. The only real difference other than the end user to be supported? One’s close to where the old office was, the other’s downtown. So it looks like there will be a definite return to Ottawa tomorrow, now for two reasons. My return home, and my possible (as in, good lord I hope so) return to employment. Yes, it does mean I had to sort of postpone the seeing of the girlfriend if I land either job, but we both agree it’s more than worth it in the long run. Just means I might be working rather than sleeping on easter Sunday. I’ll get over it. As long as it means I’ll be working.

I… might… be employed.

As I sort of hinted at earlier this week, I wound up with an interview scheduled for this past Wednesday. Which, actually, was rather convenient since that was my planned return home date anyway. Mom had a doctor’s appointment that morning, though apparently on a whim she decided it’d be much more fun to skip that. I dunno, I’m smart enough not to try getting inside her head. We *planned* to be on the road about 8:00 or so. Instead, it ended up being closer to 9:30 or 10:00 before we even got as far as the gas station. After that, though, it was pretty well clear sailing to Ottawa. We swung past my apartment so I could pick up a couple things, then headed for the interview. Got there 5 minutes late, but largely because the directions we followed to get to said place had us going out past city limits, then coming back in. Google, you disappoint me. The interview itself lasted maybe half an hour. He basicly quizzed me on all manner of customer servicey type stuff, sort of “what would you do/how would you react if…” type situations. He asked me to bring references with me, which near the end of the interview he said he’d be contacting. Apparently, there’s 15 contract positions he’s trying to fill that are due to expire in mid march. From those 15, he says, 6 of them will more than likely move on to occupy permanent positions. I sort of semi-like my chances of getting on permanently with those numbers, not that I expect it to be something I’d stick with permanently. But, as I told a few people after getting out of that interview, it’s something to fill the gap between several months of unemployment and that job that actually happens to be in my field. If something comes up that makes me think maybe, even if it happens to be halfway through the contract position, I’m sure as hell still going for the interview. Absolute worst case at that point, my start date is effective the monday after the termination of my contract, permanent offer or no. And the beauty of working here, even if it turns out to be on a full time basis, is theytry to keep a 2 days on, 2 days off rotation. So I can still work my ass off, and schedule an interview for one of my free weekdays. So, while I’m still unemployed, there’s now a questionmark next to it. As opposed to the questionmark being beside length of unemployment. Which… well, there’s still one there, but oh well. Can’t have everything going my way all at once now.

So this blind dood goes and gets an interview…


I would like to set up an interview with you to further discuss employment with CAA.
I am holding Interviews on Wednesday February 11 and Thursday February 12.
Interviews will be between 09:00-1:00, Please let me know what time from works best
for you and I will confirm an exact time.

I applied for this job a couple weeks ago. That email just came in less than an hour ago. I am made of win. Yes, it’s temporary. Yes, it’s a little out of my field. But, it’s a paycheck. And I’ve been thinking about temping anyway.

The position is an inbound call centre, taking emergency road service calls. It is a
contract until March 15, 2009, with a possibility of being hired on as a permanent
staff member.
This is a full time position working 12 hour shifts, schedule is a two week
rotation, first week you work Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. Second week is
Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Shifts range from 6am-6pm to noon to midnight.

Worst case, it extends my employment insurance another couple weeks. Best case, One of the other positions I applied for still needs filling and they ring me up. So so case, I get hired on permanently. Either way, I come out a tiny bit farther ahead now than I was 24 hours ago. Of course, it’s just as likely one of us (either me or the guy doing the interview) decides I just wouldn’t work with this outfit. At which point, I cash out my income tax refund and plot my next trip across the border. I still win. In short? You just can’t ruin my mood today. Suck it up, buttercup.

ETA: When I posted this entry earlier, apparently, I failed at HTML. Damn me.

Reason why I am win, number 9542691.

We packed up and headed in to Ottawa on Monday as planned, for the interview. It lasted a whole… 20, maybe 25 minutes. They basicly had me tell them exactly what I did for my time with Dell, how much I made, and how much I’d be willing to work for. Then they told me escentially what it was they were about, and said I should be getting an email from them shortly with more info. So, as of about 3:00 on Monday, I’m now registered with Excel HR. They’ll apparently be calling me at some point when they find a job I qualify for in the pay range I gave them, or thereabouts. Which means I just may find myself employed relatively soon. I did get that email, but it comes with a PDF attachment and well, my mother’s computer is not playing nice with Adobe and I so don’t feellike troubleshooting it just so I can read the thing. Because I’m all lazy like wo.

We went to the casino afterwards, rather unplanned, but that’s kind of what happens when neither me nor the mother were behind the wheel; I knew it’d happen when she told me my aunt and uncle were coming along. So, because we were gonna be there a while whether I liked it or not, I spent money I really didn’t want to, as did she. We ended up getting home at 2:00 this morning (well, okay, yesterday morning). And I promptly checked email, then passed right the hell out. Yesterday involved a whole freaking lot of doinb absolutely nothing. Mom did some baking, which is as always damn good, and that’s… basicly about it. Tomorrow, mom has to go pick up the father unit since when she went with him for the 2 weeks, they both just piled into his car so as of right now, he has no wheels to get home. So tomorrow, I get to play house sitter again for the day.

Our plan after that, well, is anyone’s guess. All I know though, really, is on Thursday, the new CSI comes out. And on Friday, my dad has a doctor’s appointment, and we collect Jessica (samari76) from the bus station. I may shwing by my apartment while he’s at the doctor’s, just so I can mess around with the new hard drive I bought last week. And for the rest of the weekend, I’ll have plenty to be thankful for. As for now, I go finish sorting through emails and then, possibly, steal more of mom’s baked goods before falling into bed.

PS: Any of the more technically inclined folks out there know of a decent PDF to RTF converter? I’m not fighting with Adobe on this antique of a machine, and I won’t get back to mine until at least Friday, so converting it’s faster if I can find one. Halp plz?

ETA: Found one. It doesn’t do a damn thing. Thanks for the offer, Caroline (kittytech)!

And I didn’t have to do anything.

Hi James;
Thank you for forwarding your resume. Can we meet next Monday at 8:30am, or 3:30pm?

Uh, can we say hell yes? So, where I only thought I was going back to Ottawa, I now officially *am* going back to Ottawa. Probably Monday. And probably until Friday-ish. Or something. Yay for potential progress!

Alright, you lose.

Welp, it’s happened. I’ve officially called it quits in waiting for Protus to get back to me about whether or not I’ll actually be working there any time between now and the next decade. I’ve been playing phone tag with this one HR dood since July, and have pretty much gotten just about nowhere. So, it’s off to search for things I can actually use. Like, say, a job not too unlike this one, which I’ve just submitted an application for. I don’t expect I’ll hear from these people, but at least I’m still looking, and in more places. I’ll probably also go about the business of taking Trish up on her offer to refer me to her temp agency. Here it is coming into October, and I can count the total of potential job leads I’ve had on one hand. That just ain’t cool, folks. So, technology company gets given the big fuck you, and I contemplate selling my soul to the government for decent hours and an even more decent pay. So who wants to be the first one to tell me I’ve gone fucking insane?

Oh. Snap.

I haven’t had that much fun since the last time I was up to my ears in calls. Actually this time seems like it could be manageable. It’s coming up on 2:30 and we’re not drowning in people on hold, which is always a good place to start. Now I just need another minute or two to breathe and we can call it a perfect balance.

Only having an hour for lunch doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of time to apply for jobs, but I’ve been keeping my eyes pealed regardless. None of the ones I’ve applied for thus far have bothered to call me back, but like I told someone over IM this past weekend, it’s not like I’m pressed for time. I’ve got a little over a month left with this job, plus the severence package that’s coming to me so I’m good for a while yet if no one bites immediately. On the positive side though it’s timed very well. Ottawa throws a hell of a Canada day thang. I got the week off for it last year on account of having enough vacation time to pull it off. I get the time off this year on account of not working when it gets here. Can’t complain with that. So the general plan as it stands right now, stick my nose in a few places where there might be some interest, and go from there. Ideal timeline’s somewhere around the neighbourhood of mid-July or so, but I can do the flexible thing where needed. And there’s always temping; I’ve not entirely ruled out that option, either.

Apparently I have just been told. My method of transportation homeward will be driven, at her insistance, by murlyns_view. Which means I may or may not be going right home–there is talk of the possibility that I may owe her coffee and such. Reason behind it? None. Oh well. Fortunately I have literally nothing planned for tonight except, possibly, to do that thing where I’m actually in bed before midnight. Not that I expect I’ll get there, but it’s nice to have expectations and such. Now to not be so damn lazy and actually follow through. Eh, later.

And a PS: The Ottawa Citizen just called to sell me a subscription to their paper that isn’t available online and that I subsequently can’t read. They do that every 3 months. You’d think they’d just make a note…

Random thought happenings, in list format.

  • Still way too damn cold for this time of year out there. Winter go die in a fire.
  • Tried getting a hold of the tax people this morning. It was busy. Go figure. I shall have to harass them throughout the day.
  • Someone on my flist was surprised I actually have an opinion on, like, *everything*. They, obviously, don’t read my randomness. Their loss.
  • Note to people driving the 160 into Kanada. If you ever get *that* close to me again, you had better be female. And sexy. That one will not be elabourated on. Cope.
  • I forgot how tedius applying for jobs actually is. I think I’m gonna start seeing coming to work as a break from looking for work.

And a little something not list-worthy but still worthy of mention. I’ve given serious thought, as in nearly filled out the application, to just hooking up with a temp agency and seeing what they can find for me starting, say, July-ish. I’ve gotten a couple different recommendations for if I wanted to go that route, a few of them from murlynns_view, and figure y’know, since I’ve got as much a chance through them as applying direct to companies, it’s worth some consideration. And so, I consider. Opinions are welcome. Hell, I can’t be the only person with a thing or 3 to say.