Not a meme, but an update.

I know Shon (thecrazykiwi) tagged me for some meme-type thinggy earlier, but to be blatantly honest, I don’t even post consecutively in 8-day strings so it’s just not getting done. that having been said, the day was not completely devoid of win. I got up this afternoon (yes, I slept until late afternoon. Sue me.), and found this email in my mailbox.

Hi James,

Please call me when you are available and we can schedule an interview.

Best regards,


So, as soon as I can get this chicky to actually answer her phone, I’ll schedule my interview for this coming Tuesday (it’s when my wheels will actually be able to be my wheels). So to answer the unasked question of at least one person as to why I would dare to be so ungreatful/insensitive/whatever as to not change my return date so I might be able to stay in rochester longer (someone actually tried giving me that lecture before I left), that’s why. Get over it, and yourself, plz. Kthx.

The interview is for a temp agency that Trish actually dropped my name in for reference purposes with a couple days after I fled the country. I’ve been trying to get a steady line of communication going with them since then, and they just now managed to respond to my email. tomorrow means phone calls, scheduling, and hopefully, god willing, employment. Or at least another door to open. Oh yes, and putting my foot in the asses of certain nosey people whom I barely know and who should, for that and other reasons, stay the hell out of my business. But that’s for a whole other rant when I actually feel like ranting.

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  1. Heyo,

    Congrats about the interview and I hope it all goes really well! I wish I would hear back about the one I went for earlier as well.

    And as for the meme, you don’t have to do it eight days in a row, I don’t know if I’ll remember either.

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