Meme: 10 things.

I do this for the sole reason of not actually being motivated yet to go to bed. In spite of the fact I have to work in the morning. Yay retardedly screwed up sleep schedule. Or… something.


Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 random things, facts, goals, or habits about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. You can’t tag a person who has already been tagged, including whoever tagged you.

Things about me, in no particular order:
1: I don’t do nearly enough (see: absolutely none) writing lately. Used to be a pretty damn good source of distraction for me. then things like college and now work cropped up.
2: I almost always have music or some TV show on when I’m doing things. For background noise, or… just because. I wouldn’t say I *have* to, I think it comes from my mother who very rarely doesn’t have the TV or the radio on at some point.
3: Relating to number 2, depending on my mood and what I’m doing, and of course whether or not I actually like the song, I have been caught randomly singing. And have been subsequently told I do so well.
3.5: There will not be a demonstration. Don’t ask.
4: Occasionally, mostly solely out of curiosity, I wonder what things would have been like if I actually could see–what *I’d* be like if I could see. I’ve always maintained blindness is a large part of who I am, so just the idea that something as seemingly simple as whether or not a person can see having that much impact on their personality is interesting to me.
5: It takes a surprising amount of bs before I’ll actually get pissed off at someone/something. But when I reach that point, I do it very, very well. And diplomaticly, too. Sometimes.
6: I am probably one of the least organized people you will ever meet. Ever. My definition of organization is where it falls, it stays. I probably have about 6 different places for my cell phone, for instance, depending on where I am or how tired I am when I actually decide to leave it somewhere. And yet I always manage to find things.
7: I usually don’t rely on other people if there’s any possible way for me to wiggle out of it. It may be a blindness thing, I’m not sure. but after enough people insisting they can take me somewhere I’ve been on my own half a million times, and some of said people not being entirely too keen on taking no for an answer (I could tell you storries), I’ve sort of decided people, in general, suck.
8: As much as I don’t like relying on people, I do like finding out about/meeting people in general. I always get a kick out of how people tend to interact with one another. I’ve had people tell me they figure it’s because not being able to see their facial expressions, I can pick up on things differently. Of course to that my usual reply is I just pay closer attention.
9: Again probably motivated by the whole blindness thing, but I’ve given serious thought to aiming at a sort of accessibility consultant position somewhere. Be it website accessibility, or accessibility in general so far as computer programs, or even building design. Not saying I’ll end up there, but anything’s possible. A lot can happen between now and retirement.
10: I have this thing for helping people. I have no idea where it came from, but anything from helping someone with a project to being a sounding board at 4:30 in the morning, I’ve done. Mostly just because I was there and they were looking, but there are those very few exceptions of people I will literally change plans for. And I’m talking get out of work early and take the next bus to meet up with them if necessary. It’s a highly select group of people, and while any one of them (they already know who they are) would have absolutely no problem waking me up because they need to talk, if just anyone at random did it it’d be best if they had coffee, or were out of arm’s reach. I like my friends, but I like my sleep more. Suck it up.

I tag: murlynns_view, momallrat, kittytech, masterofmusings, clefurgey, and chickwith_stick. There would be more, but I know no one else who uses LJ. That and I’ve inflicted it on enough people already.

PS: Sheyrena, I hate you. 😛

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