There’s something to be said for a rainy night, methinks.

Ordinarily, that would put me right the hell to sleep. But for some odd reason tonight, no such luck. I dunno if it’s just because I’m thinking about things, or what, but this is the first time in a long time I’m up this early/late and don’t want to be. It’s odd, because I know full well I’m tired, and it’s probably gonna show up tomorrow morning and punch me in the face, but sleep just ain’t happening. Ah well. Maybe if I decide to do another quiz or two it’ll put me to sleep. In the meantime, I shall stick my playlist on random, watch whatever happens to be going on on ES, and flake out. I’d say RP, but there would be no RPing tonight. I’m braindead… my body just doesn’t want to join it.

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