I can has weekend naow?

I don’t think I’ve ever not wanted to wake up more in my goddamn life. Funny thing is, I’m not tired… just… eh. It’s one of those things where you know you have a crap ton of things you have to do today, and the simple act of thinking about it makes you wanna go fall back into bed. The up side of course is tomorrow’s friday. The down side? … Um, it’s not today.

Last night was quite amusing/entertaining/whatever else all rolled into so many degrees of awesome. Got a little RP out of the way (we’ll finish that tonight, momallrat, remind me), then killed the rest of it having another rather interesting conversation. Some things were said that needed to be, and a few more that maybe should have been were left alone, but all in all it was quite enjoyable. I then of course went to bed, and promptly died. It’s gonna feel real damn good when I don’t have to move before 9. At the earliest. And now, work calls to me. Bastard. I wanna sleep. But instead… I go.

PS: More substantive posts in near future. I promise. Although it may require me considering joining that stupid LJ idol thing.


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