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I’ve thought about doing something a little different with the site, and hell, a few other places I frequent are doing it. And since this weekend’s going to be filled with all kinds of things that won’t leave me with much time for anything that isn’t already scheduled to be posted (see: the post earlier this morning), this weekend’s as good a weekend as any to start. So here’s how this’ll work. You leave a comment. About anything. Or everything. Other people do the same. Or respond to yours. Wanna talk about an issue that’s been posted up here before? Go nuts. Wanna talk about something completely different? Fill your boots. Wanna give May and I something to talk about over dinner? Have at it–it might make the blog if it gets entertaining enough. this is a completely open post. And it’s all yours to make use of. even better, if you break it, you get to keep both pieces.

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  1. Moving: does it suck or does it suck? Discuss!

    I’m not looking forward to my own move. sure the area is nice and near all kinds of handy things, but it’s still a move, plus it means learning a new city from pretty well absolute 0. I’ve been in that city about half a billion times, but I’m pretty much always with somebody with one of those nifty cars and neat sets of eyes that work, so this’ll be the first time I’ve really had to fend for myself there. That’ll probably be the easy part though. Well maybe not easy, but more pleasant. Yeah, that’s better. Screw moving! the act of moving all your crap into a new place and then settling it in is balls. Total balls, I say!

    Let’s switch topics. the Blue Jays won today. I mention this because I don’t get to type it enough. this year has sucked almost as hard as moving. I can’t remember another year so full of injuries, and somehow the Jays weren’t even the hardest hit. But as a good Toronto sports fan, I’ll repeat the old familiar slogan: There’s always next year!

    Flipping tv stations and discovered that Saturday Night Live is still on the air. Whether or not it’s still funny is another matter. I seriously can’t remember the last time I watched even a few minutes of this show. Who does Weekend Update nowadays? Anybody? That’s always been my favourite part.

    I should go to sleep. Hopefully I don’t dream about moving.

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