There was a weekend. I had it.

And, not surprising in the least, it was a fun one. It started on Friday evening, when Jessica, Julie, her husband and I headed out for a bit of their last minute Christmas shopping. Of course, mine was, historically, finished before December. Afterwards, supper was had at the local Cracker Barel–there’s something to be said for random get togethers with awesome food and things of a mock-worthy nature. We didn’t end up getting home until closer to 10:00 or so, and by then I think we were both sort of contemplating falling over.

Saturday was largely spent around the apartment. Jessica had her last clinnic of the year, and as usual, owned the hell out of it. We sat around afterwards, talking and grabbing supper. I started actually reading the “In Death” series by J.D. Rob, which she pretty well already read most of. Pondering getting hammered, or at least tipsy, we decided to take a random walk up to the booze store about half an hour before it closed. Of course, as Murphy would have it, by the time we got back we were a little more tired than we expected we’d be so only ended up having a shot, then doing the vodka and coke thing.

A large part of Sunday was spent with Julie and her husband again, going out for breakfast where yet more random bouts of hillarity took place. Was starting to think maybe the folks at the restaurant we chose to occupy were wondering exactly how insane we all were. And I think we’d of been more than happy to tell them if they’d ask. There was a wallmart trip, an interesting time with our shopping assistant during said wallmart trip–certain individuals just should not be doiong work in the customer service field. We came back here, put shit away, invented supper, and called it a relaxing evening. There was a crap ton of conversation involved all weekend, and random antics with interesting and humourous qualities at the expense of others who had the misfortune of not actually getting to be there. But, that’s half the fun.

It’s a little more than 2 weeks until Jess graduates, and a little more than 3 before we kick it up back to the right side of the border. If things keep going the way they’ve been the last few weeks, I may have to have someone tap me on the shoulder to remind me my time’s nearly up. But until then, well, there will be plenty more random acts of insanity. Possibly illegal, definitely barely legal, and more asuredly laugh-inducing. As for right now… off to see a girl about a well-spent evening. Or… something along those lines.

Also: One of these days, I’m coming up with a Rochester category. Just not right now.

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