A moment in history. Or, not.

For perhaps the second time in my life, my Christmas shopping is officially complete. And it’s not even the last week of November–although I didn’t miss it by much. And, with the exception of the mother thing almost spying her gift by accident–fortunately, she didn’t end up looking in that direction until it was appropriately adjusted–I dare say it went off without a hitch. Tonight, however, is going to be loads of fun. I have giftage to wrap. I have things to pack, including laundry. I have arangements to either make, or not, depending on whether or not Jessica can get the holiday off. I have gifts to either bring with me, or leave here, again depending on said holiday time off being obtained by the said young lady. And, I have to do the last minute mad dash around my apartment making sure I have the various rather important documentation required in order for me to flee the country for upwards of a month. And, somewhere in there, I have to remember to breathe. If there’s time left after that, there exists Christmas cards that need to be readied for mailing when December actually gets here. Roughly translated: oh crap. This could be a late night.


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