Weekend in review, and go time.

It’s official, I can has lazy. But I still managed to complete 2/3 of my Christmas shopping on Saturday. So far, I’ve gotten things formom, dad, the brotherling, and half of Jessica’s (lj user=”samari76″>) gift. The other half I’ll be getting when I come back from her place next week. Sunday was pretty well spent in lazyville, and Monday was taken up with getting things ready to go. Today is pretty well a writeoff. I got up this morning, packed up my crap, and now the only thing I need to do pre-departure is wait for my phone to charge. Fun shtuff, to be sure. Which it’s apparently just done. Which makes this a whole lot easier. Now, I just go be all listening for the call from the motherling that says she’s parkinglotted. T minus 13 hours and counting.

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