2008: year in review.

Because, well, everyone else is doing it. Granted I’m hella late, but… well, y’know. One has to give a shit first. Things happened in spirts this year, starting about halfway through. The first few months were relatively uneventful, though. By about the beginning of march, my old job over at Dell had started the conversion from software to hardware technician. I’d originally ducked out of the night shift so I could avoid it, but they were sending everyone over there anyway. I’d since applied for the advanced qualification, though at the time of the switchover I hadn’t heard anything about it. It would be May of the year, near the end of it, when I’d received my sort of promotion and the pay increase that comes with. I observed when I heard the word about it that in about a month’s time, it wouldn’t have made a whole lot of difference. And, in fact, on June 27th of that year, I twittered it. The month-long vacation began at that point. In July of this same year, I started talking to Jessica (samari76). we’d had several conversations, and shortly after I was laid off, we decided to meet. So, on the 25th of July, she made what would be her first of a few trips to this side of the border and we met. During the course of that week, we decided to make things official. It was before she even got here that I’d gone and got certain things started in that particular area. It’s been a lot of back and forth since then, including the most recent trip up here for Christmas. There was an interview or two along the way, not that they got me anywhere. A few things of lesser importance also took place over the course of the year.

  • My brother ended up getting married
  • Though he might be going to afghanistan
  • Found out he can’t go, due to a fairly bad knee injury
  • sorted out unemployment things, and started actually receiving the relevant income

And now, I crack open and finish slamming back my first coke of 2009.


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