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  • 2021, reviewed.

    In comparison to the not hardly at all documented 2020, 2021 was a marked improvement. Still largely not at all documented, and still largely a ball of suck, but less of a ball of suck than the year previous–no, Covid was not the major thing that sucked for me. I … Read the rest

  • 2016, reviewed.

    You’re supposed to do this on the last day of the year, but I’ve never been one for following the rules. Which probably partly explains how it is I’ve never been married–well, aside from the fact that just no. Still, it’s over, it’s done with, and I’m still breathing, so … Read the rest

  • 2013 in review.

    To say things changed in a wicked fast way in 2013 would probably be a slight understatement. And it started pretty much right at the beginning. Before the new year actually showed up, May and I had gone and signed the lease for the place we’re living in now. We … Read the rest

  • On 2012: the year that made my head spin.

    I can usually think of much more creative ways of describing a year when it’s all said and done. But all I can find to describe 2012 is oh my freaking god. It was 365 opposite days all rolled into one huge box of where the hell were you all … Read the rest

  • 2011 in review. Or an entry.

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    I’d love to say last year was exceedingly exciting, but in reality, the best I can come up with is average. And, since I haven’t been keeping up with statistics and the like for about half the year, there’s not much sense in pulling a year-long popular posts type thing–those … Read the rest

  • 2010’s most read blog posts.


    I started this latest incarnation of the blog in late 2009 and had absolutely no idea where it’d end up going. Over a year later, I still have absolutely no idea where it’s going. But I have a thousand or so posts to show for it. Here’s what caught people’s … Read the rest

  • 2009, in review.


    It’s been a relatively quiet year, all things considering, with the majority of the excitement coming in the last few months. In fact, so little has happened that I do believe I’ll pull out one of my rare list format entries. So, without further delay, my year, in a nutshell.… Read the rest

  • 2008: year in review.


    Because, well, everyone else is doing it. Granted I’m hella late, but… well, y’know. One has to give a shit first. Things happened in spirts this year, starting about halfway through. The first few months were relatively uneventful, though. By about the beginning of march, my old job over at … Read the rest

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