On 2012: the year that made my head spin.

I can usually think of much more creative ways of describing a year when it’s all said and done. But all I can find to describe 2012 is oh my freaking god. It was 365 opposite days all rolled into one huge box of where the hell were you all my life. So because I love me some lists, and I’m lazy, and there’s a monopoly ass kicking that needs happening before my victim goes to bed for the night, have a year in review, in a list.
  • I ended 2011 single and not very surprised. I ended 2012 not only dating someone, but living with her, and more than a little surprised. This was certainly not what I planned when I posted a similar entry last year.
  • In the beginning of 2011, I had to take in a roommate. I lived in the middle of freaking nowhere and was staring down the barel of moving back in with my parents. Fast forward to 2012, and I’m back in Ottawa, in a much bigger place, and the only time I think of going back to Petawawa is after the 5th phone call from the parents wondering when I’m going back to Petawawa.
  • I learned a hell of a lot about my own limits coming out of 2011. I learned a hell of a lot about other people, including some people I thought I knew, coming out of 2012. I like to think I’m a fair bit smarter because of it, but I’ve been wrong before.
  • I actually followed through with what I’d been threatening to do a while and hooked up with one or two folks I only knew online in 2012. The sad part? They were local during my first tour through Ottawa–just neither they nor I had the time to do anything about it.
  • I started and later stopped trying to get myself into Algonquin college. I haven’t given up on going back to school–just on going back to *that* school.
  • From a website perspective, I moved things to their own, fully dedicated server in 2012. It was on a server I shared with someone else, but seeing as they decided causing me issues was the thing to do, that was changed in a right royal heartbeat. But hey–it’s been over a month since I killed the last of the bugs and so far, I haven’t seen an implosion.
  • In 2011, I had a vision of making a little tiny bit of money doing the hosting thing. That was pretty much all it was, though, a vision–again, a thing I got into with the person I used to share the server with. Sure, we had the domain name, and a couple people we hosted, but it was hardly what I’d call a business–and it didn’t do a whole lot of making money. Ending 2012, I’m a little bit closer to that. I don’t expect super rich or anything, but hey–a discount here and there on the hosting bill, or maybe an extra caffeine run just in case things decide to implode in future, never hurt anyone.
  • I actually had a job interview or two in 2012. I didn’t have that much luck in 2011, and even less of a shot at it in 2012–which is what makes the 1 or 2 I did land worth noting. This was probably my least active year on the job search front.
  • And of course, no end of 2012 review would be worth making without mentioning July 1, 2012. On that day, and for every day after, the year of opposite days took on a whole new meaning. Maybe eventually I’ll get detailed as to why I say that. But even though the reason for my saying that is over a year old, I still haven’t figured out in my head how to actually explain it. But on that day, I knew 2012 would be different. I just had no idea it would be *this* different.

And that’s what 2012 looks like in the rear view mirror, if you’re me. I do have one or two newyears resolutions, and sure, they’ll be a couple days late, but they’ll make it up here. In the meantime, I have an ass to kick. C’mere, monopoly.

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