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It has been way too freaking long since I’ve done one of these. Kind of a slacker type thing on my part–you know, like the rest of this whole blogging thing. But I still remember how, more or less.

You guys have been busy during the month of November, bringing me nearly 600 visits for the first time in this blog’s existence. Go you, or something. Or maybe go me, for giving you something with which to waste 5 minutes? whichever. As before, here’s what you folks found interesting in November, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • Way back in 2009, I wrote an entry describing my first thanksgiving on the other side of the border. Apparently more than one someone needed to borrow it for homework or something? I don’t know. But they found this entry on several dozen occasions. Remember, kids. Plagerism’s bad, mmm’kay?
  • I’ve sworn off the iPhone for years. At least a couple, anyway–since it became an option and everyone said I should go out and get one. Last April, I went out and got one. Yes, you should be worried. Especially given that now it comes with a keyboard. Now if I can just get used to it enough that I can blog from the road.
  • My entries on the ODSP kerfuffle (category page) have been getting a fair bit more attention in recent months. Specifically, the search query kind. Clearly I need more of those type of entries. Clearly I also need to update that category–I got my one more bag of milk for this year!
  • Distracted driving has been a problem since people could drive. People on the phone while driving has been a problem since people could have phones in their cars. It took them this long to decide to start putting laws in place around the latter, blaming that solely for distracted driving. Not that they work or anything. But, hey, we pay these folks for something, right?
  • Wind Mobile hasn’t been on my list of favourite companies since late 2010, after I discovered their definition of fair use is to drop you on your ass after 2 hours of usage. God help you if you spent an hour and a half of that on hold with Bell or Rogers. They were called out on that. It didn’t do much. You’ll note I run in the opposite direction from them now. If you’re smart, you will too.

And that’s the kind of month you folks had on this blog. Not bad, considering I just got into it again. Stick around. There’s mocking to be had. And, hey, I might actually remember to do this next month–and the one for the year. Maybe. Hey, it could happen.

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