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Just when you think things are about to calm down, you get tossed into a whole other realm of insanity. Things with the mother calmed down–another entry incoming, and then I go off and land a roommate. Nifty, or something. And while I was doing that, you folks were cruising the site–poor you. Here’s what you found interesting in November, only 2 weeks before I get to do the same thing for December!
  • Any self-respecting geek has done some playing with running an OS inside an OS. I did it. Then, because I could, I did it twice. With minimal implosions, even.
  • I get political. Sometimes, very. My friends are all too aware of that. One of them sent me this, which was promptly snarked at. Repeatedly. And often. I still snicker.
  • I try to find reasons not to fly internationally as it is, mostly because the cost is enough to send my poor bank account into a tailspin. I can now add the Transport Security administration to the list of reasons not to bother with it. Traumatizing little children since 2010. Yeah, I’d still like to know what goes through some of these people’s heads.
  • Back in March, I wrote several open letters to Ontario’s Premier, leaders of the opposition, my local MPP and the minister of community and social services re: the situation with the Ontario disability Support Program (ODSP) and its rather impressive lack of any actual support. Occasionally, one of them will show up on the monthly list. Last month, readers took interest in this one. Anyone surprised? Not me.
  • I had a small problem with former Ottawa city councillor Clive Doucet randomly throwing email at me as a result of what amounts to a thirty-second exchange during the OC Transpo strike of 2008-2009. The problem warranted yet another mention on the blog last month. And apparently, I’m not the only one who’s felt like mentioning it–that entry’s still getting attention.

That’s November in a nutshell. December… may or may not be fun and amusing and otherwise wicked nifty cool. Enjoy yourselves folks, and I’ll throw another one of these up in the new year.

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