Popular posts (December, 2010).

Mayhem was apparently the name of the game this month. Non-stop fun–from roommates to financial creativity to parties to significant visits. And oh yeah I think there might have been a holiday or two in there somewhere. Holiday notwithstanding, though, you folks still found something interesting over here. I’m sorry. Still, here’s what brought you to me in december, as always, brought to you by Google Analytics.

  • Sometimes, an iPhone is just an iPhone. Yes, even when it’s in the hands of a blind University of Ottawa student. And sometimes, people forget that. That’s why we have posts like this. No need to thank me–that’s why I’m here.
  • Del.icio.us was scheduled to be shut down earlier this month. Then it wasn’t. Then it was scheduled to be sold. And now, who knows. Until recently, I didn’t know anyone who actually used the service. I’m still holding out for one of those alternatives.
  • Back in 2008, I told Sympatico, my then ISP, to kindly jump off a bridge. I made the switch to TekSavvy based on several recommendations and my own research. Around the beginning of December, I cancelled them. And by the sounds of it, I’m probably not the only one–probably for similar reasons.
  • You could almost call this a sequel to my TekSavvy experiences. In fact, when I wrote that particular entry, I very nearly did. Now, I know I’m not the only one who cancelled for similar reasons. Or at least thought about it. And this guy was new. I still don’t have a whole lot of faith in you over here, TekSavvy. Get with it.
  • Windows Mobile and I don’t like each other. Okay, more adequately put, Windows Mobile makes a regular habbit of summarily flipping me off and I’d like nothing better than to push Windows Mobile off a cliff. It probably didn’t help that it was on one of freedom Scientific‘s Pacmates, but this month, I’m going to stick with blaming Windows Mobile. I mini-ranted about it this past week, after it escentially made checking Jessica‘s email a much more complicated afair than it really had to be. I still feel like ranting about it–perhaps it’ll hold itself over until February.

That’s the blog in December, in a nutshell. Yeah, a little more boring than usual–which in and of itself took some effort. Sorry. Stick around, though–it may or may not improve.

Randomly related: Google used to be my largest source of trafic. Now, it’s Twitter. Thanks, guys. I don’t know what you see over here, but thanks. Now just don’t go running in the other direction and we’ll both be happy.

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