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Finally, only halfway through this month, I have a chance to take a quick glance at what folks found of interest last month. It wasn’t as busy for me as this month is, but that didn’t mean a lack of the mockworthy. It did, however, mean I actually got this thing done on time. Something interesting of note: through the month of October, it looked like you folks following the blog on Twitter might become my most active readers. Sadly, you lost to Google. So, here’s what you and the googlers read about last month, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.
  • Airlines are paranoid creatures. Justifiably, some might argue, after 9/11 and then the failed bombing attempt on Christmas day. Some, like the young man who had to surrender his cane, might question that viewpoint. I, personally, wouldn’t blame him.
  • The next version of MacOS is said to be coming with its own app store. I suggested, much to the irritation of one reader, that this will more than likely open the door to Apple doing with it what it’s done with the iPhone. I still haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary yet. Anyone?
  • Cell phone companies piss me off. That’s probably the world’s–or, at least, my–worst kept secret. Wind Mobile is no exception–and I’m not even a customer. After encountering one such off-pissing aspect of Wind’s service, and in looking it up, running smack into a much more irritating aspect of said service, I decided to talk to them about it. They still haven’t responded. Hello, Ken Campbell? Anyone home?
  • When I was in school, unless you were really justifiably sick, you were probably using headaches/tiredness/lack of concentration as an excuse to stay home from school. That was your fault. Today, it’s wi-fi’s fault. Not sure in what universe, but any excuse to sleep in. Now where was wi-fi to blame 20 years ago?
  • October has always meant something very special to me. At least, always in the sense of ever since I was old enough to develop an appreciation for it. October meant hockey, which meant many nights sitting in front of the TV, optionally with a large pizza and a coke, with or without alcohol, and cursing my hockey team. I wrote about it about an hour before the first game of this year’s season. And if I could, I’d go back to that day and slap myself for writing it.

That was October, in a nutshell. Now to go find my way through the hellish chaos that is not October. Happy reading, folks. And happy giving of thanks to those of you cellebrating it this month. Those of you not, consider it an excuse to crack open the booze. I am.

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