It’s hockey time in Canada!

Drop the puck, and the gloves. Better than the world series–and only because Toronto hasn’t been there since 93, it’s all about that other major sport they do down there. Yeah, that one. If you’re a CBC fan, it’s about to be taken over by Toronto versus Montreal for the hundred thousandth time since the dawn of HNIC. If we do better than last year, I’ll be extatic. If we make the playoffs, I’ll be through the roof. If we make it to the finals, I’ll be just about in orbit. And if I can remember the number to my pizza joint of choice, I’ll be satisfied–at least for tonight. Hockey is here, folks. And I’ll be putting my team’s entries over here for the curious–it even has its own RSS feed. Now this is how a Canadian winter should be spent. To get you in the mood, have a video, courtesy Toronto’s last preseason game. We’ll call it practice for Montreal tonight.

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