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Forget soccer and football, let’s see some baseball!

Ottawa’s city council is once again being approached by two major developers regarding the building of a new sports arena. One wants to bring a soccer team to Ottawa, the other wants yet a third crack at football. I do have to wonder, though, has anyone ever considered the possibility of a MLB arena in Ottawa? Yes, we had the lynx for a time. One problem, though. They were Montreal’s minor league team, and Montreal is now in Washington. So why not? We have the toronto versus Ottawa rivalry in hockey, and it’s awesome as hell. As much as I rag on Ottawa fans for being Ottawa fans (hey, what can I say? Your team’s falling apart at the seems), they do provide a wicked provincial battle. Why can’t we have the same thing going on in baseball? Who knows? I might even cheer for *that* team rather than toronto. Although you’ll never see me doing that where hockey’s concerned. Sorry, folks.

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