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This can’t end well. Ottawa wants baseball team 2.0.

Up until either 2009 or 2010, Ottawa had a minor league baseball team here called the Lynx. They relocated recently, around the same time the Montreal Expos packed up their toys and shuffled off to Washington. You didn’t hear much from that team usually, unless you were 1: watching Ottawa’s A-Channel station or 2: bored enough to attend a game. Very rarely did they make the playoffs, and even then, they didn’t exactly fill the stands. Hence the relocation. Which is still better than what happened to both of Ottawa’s football teams, but I’ve pretty much determined that to be a lost cause. That was the end of pro baseball in Ottawa. Until now. It would seem the city wants to try again, and is coughing up about half of what it’ll cost to renovate the stadium as an insentive–the rest is coming from the company who wants to actually put the team in Ottawa. I’m ordinarily highly enthusiastic about a new sports team coming to the city–especially if the ticket prices are in such a state that they don’t actually cost me 3/4 my grocery money to actually attend a game. But considering the city’s luck with funding/begging sports teams to play here? This can only end badly for everyone involved. On the other hand, this team can at least–hopefully–use the fact they’re not associated with the Phillies as a selling point. That should boost sales.


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  1. Small correction. Montreal shuffled off to Washington around 2005.

    And I’ve gotta say, I have more faith in baseball team 2.0 than I do in CFL team what is it…3.0 that’s being worked on now. Maybe it’s a different time and football will work in Ottawa, but I’d be hesitant to put my money behind it at this point.

    • You’re right. I have no idea what the hell I was on when I wrote this entry.

      And yeah, CFL team whatever.0 really just needs to be scrapped. Already. Fuck, they can’t even fill Scotia Bank Place for a Sens game half the time. And that team’s *seen* the playoffs once or twice.

  2. The Sens could find themselves in trouble this season though. After the way last year ended, there may not be many Toronto fans left.

    • If our beloved premier keeps slipping up the way he does, the Sens’ll have bigger things to worry about than a bunch of Leafs fans. They’ll still have Montreal to beat up on. Well, the fans will, anyway. The players are too damn scared.

  3. So, this is just going to be a Canadian team? No MLB affiliation?
    Could be kinda I cool I guess.. I mean for Canadians I mean…

    • This would be an Eastern League team (they’re AA), so I’d imagine that means MLB association. They’re just not allowed as of yet to say which team. Still, if it’s not the Phillies, that’d still be an awesome selling point…

    • It could be affiliated if there’s a team looking for a new home or if an existing team moves, but I’m not sure who’s in the market for new digs just now.

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