Now that’s a hockey game.

So I’m a few days late–blame the thanks giving getaway, a recap of which I’ll attempt when I’m brave enough. Easy positive side, though. I got to do something I haven’t gotten to do since roughly this time last year–watch Toronto beat down on Montreal in overtime. Sure, it had to go to overtime before they won… but hey, they won. I’ll take it. Keeps the food chain from last year in perspective. Y’know, the one where Ottawa walks all over toronto, who in turn walks all over Montreal, who in turn walks all over Ottawa. It’s a nice little love triangle. And it works! For the most part. I mean… there’s a few kinks that need to work themselves out–we still, after all, have the unknown factor in a goalie named Vesa, but that’s at least not entirely impossible to rectify. Now… if they start Raycroft for tonight’s game versus Carolina, *then* we’ll have issues. Unless he wins. But I don’t expect that to happen. Ah well, we beat Montreal. That makes this weekend worth while. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make me want to go back to work any more. Stupid me working nights during the hockey season. Again. You’d think I’d of learned after last year…

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