An almost good hockey game.

Neither team was really awake during the first period and a half or so… but after that, well, again, things started to get interesting. Unfortunately for my Leafs, they were apparently still tired after last night’s game (see: Blue Jackets, beating of), and ended up coughing up a lead. Then giving them the lead. Then dying in the shootout. But, I suppose, they got a point, if nothing else. They’ve played, now, a total of 9 games, and all except the first one, they’ve managed at least a point. The good thing… we get Ottawa on Tuesday. Ordinarily I’d cringe, particularly after last year–in how many languages can you say “creamed”? But, so far at least, we don’t seem to be doing too… uh, well, terribly. Of course, by that, I mean we’ve managed to come away with a pretty even record against them so far this year. Granted it’s only been two games, but… still. That’s one more than we won against them last year. And about 6 games earlier than we won it last year. That’s promising, if absolutely nothing else. I love that philosophy. Get pissed off we couldn’t beat New York, even though we came damn close at times, and take it out on Ottawa. I only wish I could see the game. Hey, anyone wanna toss a couple tickets my way?

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