I never turn off a hockey game.

But I sure turned it off last night. I figure, 30 minutes of absolute brutality is enough for any fan of any team. I can see I was right, because… well, the game didn’t really improve much after that. Typical Ottawa/Toronto game from last year. Ottawa does the cheap shot dance, there be at least one fight, and the score ended up lopsided in Ottawa’s favour. By the time I couldn’t watch anymore it was 5 nothing and they’d all but collapsed. Then apparently they tried to come back and collapsed again, because by the end of it all, ’twas 6 freakin’ 2. Much like at least two people, I wait for the eventual beating in retaliation that’s sure to result from Thursday’s game in Ottawa, if this year’s trend of 1 continues. Unlike these two, however, I’m not holding my breath. Why? One word. Raycroft. Enough said? I thought so. I look for Aubin to start Thursday. But if not, then I *really* hope Raycroft is awake… or I’ll have to abandon my hockey game for a second night in a row. It’s bad enough I’m already gonna miss half of it thanks to previous commitments (see: guitar lessons, taking of). Hey, ironicly, I missed half of it when they won in Ottawa the last time, too. And for the same reason.

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