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It’s been one piece of news after another the last few weeks, some of which weren’t spent in the relative safety of my non-secure apartment building. Still, I found the time in the last few days of April to get one last blog in. So, here, have a late compilation of last month’s interesting reads, according to people who read this thing and Google Analytics.

  • Back in March, I challenged the government of Ontario to actually talk to us common folk about what they’re planning on doing for people on welfare and/or ODSP. The premier sent me back a form letter, and I pasted both here.
  • Convergys closed its doors in the middle of last month. They’re being given a leg up by city and provincial governments, at last check. Possibly even the federal government. My opinion on that is here, but summarized, where was this 2 years ago?
  • Speaking of the provincial government, let’s continue the theme. An attempt to throw sex education at grade 3 students didn’t go over very well in the province–hence Dalton McGuinty’s rather quick retreat within a day or two of it making headlines. It didn’t go over well here, either.
  • And, because themes are meant to eventually be broken, that’s exactly what we’re going to do here. Speaking of broken, Canada is dangerously close to breaking braille. At least if the rumours are true–I still haven’t heard one way or the other. Anyone feel like offering something factual? Google’s got nothin’.
  • Again with the brokenness of things, this time from a tech perspective. I’m still a user of LiveJournal. In the sense that this blog cross-posts to LJ, and I’ve hacked something together to read my friends list via RSS feeds. It wasn’t easy. And, it’s rather quite well documented–including what I eventually decided to do to kind of make it work. So far, it seems to be working.

Hey now. More productive than I thought. Who knew? There is promise in this.

Also: There will undoubtedly be a celebratory hockey post in the next few days, barring a disaster. Montreal isn’t doing so hot. Thank, freaking, God. Yes, unrelated. You’ll live.

Update: Clearly, I fail at HTML and spelling. Tonight, I cannot brain. Fixed. Now, stay pretty, goddammit.

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