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Just because I spent a month out of the country doesn’t mean I didn’t find things to blog about. Or mock. Or snicker at. Yeah, it’s been a hell of a busy month. And, once I got back through the door of this apartment, my first thought was “holy shit busy”. It’s apparently been busy for the readers, too. Here’s what folks found interesting in the month of August, courtesy Google Analytics.
  • For some, the time for things to break is on a Thursday. For others, it’s the entire month of August. Apparently, I fall into the latter category. Near breakage, outright breakage, fake breakage, and oh yeah, beyond my control breakage–if it could break, it probably did. Or tried to. And I summarized most of it.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to take off your mask. Not even 36 hours after H1N1 was declared dead, they up and invented a new superbug. And hey, it’s already going global. Yeah, you guys can probably guess my opinion on it. But in case you can’t, there it is in link form.
  • As Canadian as fiddle fest on a labour day weekend–which, by the way, is coming up next weekend if you’re in the area, and nearly as unknown to folks south of the border, Great Big Sea. I wrote about them here, and included a sample video. Really, they’re awesome and must be checked out. Like, now-ish.
  • Twitter is awesome. No, seriously. If you don’t have an account, get one. Also, now-ish. But that having been said, not every thought I have makes it that far. Usually because it loses its context by the time I get around to glancing at Twitter–like tonight, for example. I posted a sampling of them here. I’ll probably do a similar post again later. Or maybe just update that one. I dunno.
  • And making a comeback on the popular posts list, what the hell, Ottawa? I still can’t wrap my head around why they forked over more assistance for convergys than they did when the Dell office went splat. And hey, five months later, apparently I’m not the only one. And I still don’t have any more of a clue.

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