Uniquely Canadian, uniquely cool.

When folks think of Canadian music, their first thoughts are Nickleback, or Celine Dion, possibly even occasionally Bare Naked Ladies–though not so much as I’d like to see. When I mention Great Big Sea, anyone who hasn’t spent some time in eastern Canada looks at me like I’ve got 2 heads and 3 eyes. Perhaps surprisingly, though, this group has more of the traditional Canadian than any of the other bands I’ve mentioned–if by traditional Canadian you’re speaking in terms of reflecting some of our actual history and/or heritage.

I touched on this back when the olympics kicked off in Vancouver, and included an example for the curious. And, while folk/fiddle music has a certain place in the Ottawa valley, it actually extends a lot farther out than that–all the way to the east coast, which spawned this group. They draw on that folk history, along with a touch of local to the area influence, and borrow a few things from the Irish and British cultures that seem to have come with most of the folks who settle out there. And, because I’d never turn down an excuse to introduce people to it, have an example of which I speak in the form of an originally British song they’ve since redone–and quite well, too. But first, read this. Then, watch this video.

  1. I’ve been a fan of GBS since I was at least eleven or twelve. Fab music.

    1. The awesome, it is extreme. *nods*

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