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  • New life goal: Blake Shelton in concert.

    Anyone who knows me knows I’m huge on country music. Always have been–I grew up on the stuff, after all. My music collection and related tastes have expanded significantly over the years (related: note to self: Replace some of the crappy quality music you own, you fool.), but I always … Read the rest

  • because I didn’t have enough excuse to contemplate getting back in front of a piano.

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    My Twitter people are trying to tell me something, apparently. Scrolling through it today, I saw quite a few postings of piano related things–some from Youtube, some from I don’t even know where else. Because, you know, this occasionally thinking that maybe I should actually dust off the piano sitting … Read the rest

  • Shout sister video. Or, guidedogs: not just for guiding anymore.

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    When I posted about the choir performance on Friday–you know, the one May was all over for about a week before, and will be for about a month after, I eluded to Noah having up and claimed a starring role. For those who don’t know, Noah would be May’s guidedog. … Read the rest

  • Shout Sister awesomeness.

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    I mentioned yesterday that the thing to do in this apartment now is a local choir. I tossed this link out there if you were curious to check it out. They performed last night, and because it’s me, that meant I tagged along with recorder in hand. Good effin’ lord, … Read the rest

  • Fun and amusement at fiddle fest.

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    I’ve written a couple entries referencing the anual fiddle festival held up at Pembroke’s Riverside park every September around labour day. On a random wim, the parents and I decided to shuffle over there tonight to see what we could find for entertainment. And, as often happens, we found exactly … Read the rest

  • Uniquely Canadian, uniquely cool.

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    When folks think of Canadian music, their first thoughts are Nickleback, or Celine Dion, possibly even occasionally Bare Naked Ladies–though not so much as I’d like to see. When I mention Great Big Sea, anyone who hasn’t spent some time in eastern Canada looks at me like I’ve got 2 … Read the rest

  • If you have not heard Donna the Buffalo, you are broken.

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    So I’ve been on the US side of the border for nearly two weeks now, and busy as all get out for most of it. Part of the busy was spending the majority of this past friday evening at the Rochester public market. We were planning to check that out … Read the rest

  • How small is Petawawa? I indirectly know this guy.

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    As much as I bitch about small-town life, and the Pembroke/Petawawa area is actually surprisingly small, sometimes it has its awesomely cool points. Like this kid, who’s up for a CCMA in September. He’s not only done solo work, but has played with several well-known groups/singers. The kicker? My … Read the rest

  • Looking for something to do this weekend? Try this.

    This coming weekend is fairly important for anyone with even a moderate interest in karaoke, as the US is holding its portion of the world championship qualifications over the next few days. As I’ve mentioned before, Meka will be participating in this, the regional competition in New Mexico. If you’re … Read the rest

  • And somewhere in there, I threw a weekend.

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    Calling the last week or so busy would probably be an insult to busy weeks everywhere, but in a lot of ways, that’s exactly what it was. After the assessment of doom, I took it easy the rest of monday and did absolutely nothing. I needed the relaxation for the … Read the rest

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