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  • because I didn’t have enough excuse to contemplate getting back in front of a piano.

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    My Twitter people are trying to tell me something, apparently. Scrolling through it today, I saw quite a few postings of piano related things–some from Youtube, some from I don’t even know where else. Because, you know, this occasionally thinking that maybe I should actually dust off the piano sitting … Read the rest

  • I feel all accomplished and such.

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    After spending nearly an hour in wallmart when I only had to go there for, like, 1 or 2 things but my mother decided she’d buy something from every sale coming, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me but anyway, we finally got into the music store so the guitar that’s … Read the rest

  • She sure ain’t what I’m used to.

    But, she knows what she’s doing, and almost appears to be a fairly decent teacher, so… it couldn’t hurt. Worst case I’ll have wasted a month’s worth of lessons. I’m still looking at a couple options at any rate, so I may not stick with her, but… assuming there’s a … Read the rest

  • We be getting somewhere.

    Well, it isn’t the teacher I was looking at, but it works for me. I now, potentially, have aranged piano lessons. Depending on how well this apparent meeting I have to go through goes on Monday, I’ll know whether or not she has a damn clue what she’s doing. I … Read the rest

  • They’re making me wait ’til fall…


    Apparently they don’t have any guitar instructors that do lessons at a time I like until at least the fall, so I’m stuck making a fool of myself ’til then. But at least I’m good at that! LOL… Now, if that got me anywhere I’d be very much in business. … Read the rest

  • One yes, one… maybe?


    Apparently, I can quite possibly start my guitar lessons as early as next week. Not bad, considering. Now I just need to get called back by this apparent conservatory music teacher regarding piano lessons, and we’ll be in business. Next stop, something with which to record so I can stick … Read the rest

  • Because it’s way past time.

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    I’m seriously entertaining the idea of getting back into regularly playing the piano, and even taking lessons again just as a way to distract me for an hour or so, not counting practice time of course. I used to do it almost religiously, then reality popped up and decided I … Read the rest

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