I feel all accomplished and such.

After spending nearly an hour in wallmart when I only had to go there for, like, 1 or 2 things but my mother decided she’d buy something from every sale coming, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me but anyway, we finally got into the music store so the guitar that’s been threatened to be bought could actually be purchased. It was worth the wait, though… it plays well, as evidenced by the fact anyone who’s ever picked up a guitar just had to try it out. So that’s one more thing to be taken off my to do list. I’ve already pretty well numbed my fingers picking at the thing today, and I plan to get back to it… eh… a bit later on. It’s not bad, though. For about $313, after taxes and what have you, I walked out of the store with what I figure is a fairly decent deal. The guitar itself was supposed to be something like $249 or something, but the guy selling it to me knocked $20 off the price, then tossed a case, extra strings, and picks for about $40. Not bad, when you consider the strings themselves were originally $13. It amused me, though, to a degree… I’ve only been there a grand total of maybe 3 or 4 times in the 3 years I’ve lived here. Yet the guy doing the selling to me recognised me from one of those times, presumeably when I bought my piano from there, because I decided to kill like 15 minutes dinking around on one of their display models. It was all kinds of nifty and such. And completely irelevant to the entry as a whole, but like I care. We ended up just shooting the shit about all kinds of crap, and I got the number off him for a piano teacher that does her instructing kind of on her own but through them, some kind of arangement where she just rents the studio space from them but takes care of her own affairs, so I can talk to her probably tomorrow, and tell this dimwit I’m finishing up with tomorrow that I’m sick of taking my lessons at a different time each week or not at all–explanations of a clarifying nature to come when I’m bored. So yeah, today was actually a surprisingly productive day. Not bad for a lazy sack-o-crap.
And, because I’m due for a random topic jump, more positive news. My brother’s gone to basic training in…. *checks* 33 days. I’ll get into the specifics of hours, minutes and seconds when it actually gets decided exactly when he’s being kicked out. In the meantime, though, the countdown begins! Maybe he’ll come out of basic a bit more mature…. eh, one can always hope. I do have to kind of feel sorry for my mother in a way, though. With him going to the millitary, my dad usually on the road and me hopefully getting this job, there doesn’t exist much company for mom, who’ll pretty much have the place to herself when we all clear outa here. And the girl can’t even go anywhere because someone still needs to stick around and make sure the bills get paid, and such. But, on the bright side I suppose, she’ll have more reason to spend her days off in, say, Ottawa. Or Quebec. Or… take a couple weeks’ vacation and go travel with dad. Ah, who am I kidding? She won’t even notice we’re gone. Much.

Go shopping for a guitar and end up with clothes. Go figure.

The original plan was to drop my brother off at work, then get a bit of household shopping out of the way, before we went to at least price out a decent-sounding guitar so I can actually give my uncle’s back to him. Well, we managed to get 2 of the 3 accomplished, getting the shopping and such done by about noon, so figured the music store which, actually, is the only real decent place around here to buy things like that (no duh, right?) would have to be open by now. You’d think they would. Unless, of course, they weren’t open at all on Sundays, which just so happened to be the case. Irritating, but it’s Pembroke. I should have expected that. The alternative was Wallmart and, well, of all the things I’m likely to buy from Wallmart, a guitar is most definitely not one of them. Specificly because they overcharge for crap like that, and then you end up paying $150 for a guitar that sounds like it’s only worth about $75. No thanks. So, it’s back to square 1, and waiting for the music store to actually be open late enough that we can get in after we get the rest of the week’s bullshit out of the way. One of these days, I’ll manage to get everything accomplished that I left the house to get accomplished. One of these days. Just not any time soon.

So I finally had my first guitar lesson today.

It was surprisingly… well… basic. Which is a good thing, considering that’s the first time I actually picked up a guitar and was serious about it. My fingers are still doing this weird kinda tingly thing. It’s only on one hand, though, and it’s not impeding my typing ability any, so it’s all good. Now, I just need to get my hands on one of my own… *ponders* Thank the gods for a local music store and room on a credit card. As much as I said I wouldn’t use it unless I had to, I’ll make an exception for this.

They’re making me wait ’til fall…

Apparently they don’t have any guitar instructors that do lessons at a time I like until at least the fall, so I’m stuck making a fool of myself ’til then. But at least I’m good at that! LOL… Now, if that got me anywhere I’d be very much in business. The piano teacher I’m looking at doesn’t do her scheduling ’til the end of August either, so I’m waiting ’til fall for those lessons, too. That part sucks, but I’ll live. I can be lazy as oh hell ’til then… *snickers*

It would seem I spoke too soon.

Apparently, the teacher they were trying to find for me can’t work the time I was originally aiming for… so my guitar lessons get to be put on hold a while longer. Ah well, time for me to continue being lazy. Yay lazy!

One yes, one… maybe?

Apparently, I can quite possibly start my guitar lessons as early as next week. Not bad, considering. Now I just need to get called back by this apparent conservatory music teacher regarding piano lessons, and we’ll be in business. Next stop, something with which to record so I can stick various attempts, as shockingly harmful to the hearing as they may be, up here. Hey, I’ve got the space for it…

Because it’s way past time.

I’m seriously entertaining the idea of getting back into regularly playing the piano, and even taking lessons again just as a way to distract me for an hour or so, not counting practice time of course. I used to do it almost religiously, then reality popped up and decided I wasn’t allowed to have fun anymore so that went the way of all things that keep me sane. Well, as sane as a fool like me can get anyway. Now that things have gone back to their usual (almost, relatively?) calmness, I can look into the possibility, however remote, of picking that up again. On top of that, I’m thinking about taking guitar lessons just because… well, for the same reason as the piano ones, minus the whole having done it before kinda thing. If and when I can find some method of sticking what I’ve already devised ways of playing up here, for piano at least, I’ll toss a few things up here… but as it stands right now, this laptop, portable though it may be, is not being dragged downstairs to where I’ve got the piano stashed away. Plus I don’t have much faith in my microphone for something like that.C