Because it’s way past time.

I’m seriously entertaining the idea of getting back into regularly playing the piano, and even taking lessons again just as a way to distract me for an hour or so, not counting practice time of course. I used to do it almost religiously, then reality popped up and decided I wasn’t allowed to have fun anymore so that went the way of all things that keep me sane. Well, as sane as a fool like me can get anyway. Now that things have gone back to their usual (almost, relatively?) calmness, I can look into the possibility, however remote, of picking that up again. On top of that, I’m thinking about taking guitar lessons just because… well, for the same reason as the piano ones, minus the whole having done it before kinda thing. If and when I can find some method of sticking what I’ve already devised ways of playing up here, for piano at least, I’ll toss a few things up here… but as it stands right now, this laptop, portable though it may be, is not being dragged downstairs to where I’ve got the piano stashed away. Plus I don’t have much faith in my microphone for something like that.C

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