My educational plan of action–AKA what I’ll do when I’m not lazy…

I’ve narrowed down what I want to take should I actually afford to go back to school. Now, it’s a toss-up between a music degree (I do play piano, after
all though not in a while), to do with networking/information technology/computer geeky stuffs, to something as simple (relatively?) as conflict resolution. I still kick around the idea every once in a while about getting into the criminal law side of things, but I doubt I could come up with the tuition for that and still be sane… well, as sane as I am now. Which… isn’t really. But oh well. But, I’m still tossing that idea around here and there because I’ve always liked that kinda thing. I have absolutely no idea why beyond the fact it’s an excuse to argue with someone. And I do love a good argument. *cackles* Well, at least now it’s narrowed down. Phase 2: $$$!

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