She sure ain’t what I’m used to.

But, she knows what she’s doing, and almost appears to be a fairly decent teacher, so… it couldn’t hurt. Worst case I’ll have wasted a month’s worth of lessons. I’m still looking at a couple options at any rate, so I may not stick with her, but… assuming there’s a chance I do, at least I’ll get somewhere with my playing. Not that I couldn’t learn on my own… it’s just easier. Now, all I need is a digital recorder that’ll do MP3’s. Anyone got a suggestion?

  1. the recorder I have does .wma files, but it’ll serve you good. there’s a gig of memory, so you can get a crapload of stuff on it, plus it’s reasonably easy to use. only thing that sucks, you may have to order from the states, since I couldn’t for the life of me find it here.
    if you can’t find anything else, lemme know and I’ll give you the name and info and all that crapola.

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